martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

Listen to the song Perfect day by Lou Reed.

Think about your idea of a perfect day.

Who you would spend it with and why,
Where you would go and why,
What you would do and why.

Say whether or not you have ever spent a day like this. Mention anything else you think is important. Write at least 250 words. Leave comments for your teacher & at least 3 classmates.

7 comentarios:

  1. My perfect day is a tuesday without simmon, and without blogs, jaujaujauja. No no, i kidding you. Bye and see you in another "perfect tuesday"

  2. it's a good song... a little sad, but beautiful :)

    hugs for you Simon!

  3. I like very much this video and song!

  4. I had never seen this video..
    i like it!
    See ya!

  5. Hi simon. The Lyrics is nice, but the music is very sad. Cool video.

    see ya

  6. I loved this song... is very special for me
    also, I never heard this version, I like it...

    I see you!